Top 5 Websites to Buy & Sell Car in UAE

Are you looking for a reliable website to buy used car in UAE? Considering the factors such as car type, features, technical specifications, mileage driver, year manufactured and previous owner will help you determine if the car you are browsing is worth the money or not. You might also land here because you wish to sell your pre-loved car online for a greater chance of having many potential buyers. Regardless of your reason, we have listed the top 5 websites (in no particular order) that can help you to find out used cars for sale in Dubai.

Car Mudi UAE

Car Mudi is an e-commerce website that obviously focuses on one niche – cars. It is known as one of the largest online marketplaces for selling and buying cars in Dubai, UAE with over 5400 listings. Its user-friendly website allows the user to select a brand, body type and condition (new or old) and you’ll be presented with the cars that match your preferences.


As one of the leading classifieds websites, Dubizzle offers an additional channel for people who are looking for a trusted website to buy and sell cars. Not only will you find cars but also boats, heavy vehicles, motorcycles and sports bikes. It has over 25,000 vehicle listings up to this date and your dream car might be one of those.


If you want to buy a used or new car from the leading car dealers in Dubai, then this is the perfect website to visit. You can search for its 5000+ used and new cars in Dubai to find the right car that meets your specification and features requirements. From the luxury sports car to the most popular brands in car manufacturing, DubiCars has them all in one place!

Auto Trader UAE

Auto Trader UAE started out as an automotive magazine and website in Dubai offering a great space for people to buy, sell and even rent used and new cars. Apart from those vehicles, you can also find boats, bikes, and trucks available. There is a wide range of car brands and models to choose from plus the website is super-duper easy to use.


Placing ads on alawooz website is completely free giving you the ability to sell your cars without spending on its listing. It is not just a place to buy and sell cars, you will also find a wide range of accessories, a community for car enthusiasts, reviews and can land on a sweet deal from various sellers

These 5 classified websites are just the tip of an iceberg because there are also few others like Yallamotor, GetThat, DealsonWheels, Storat, SellAnyCar and more. If you wish to buy a used car, just have to pick which of these websites can give you the most options according to your preference and set budget. Read the terms carefully, meet the seller personally, negotiate well and close a good deal. On the other hand, the key to selling your pre-loved car faster is by providing all the necessary information, good photos and communicate well with the buyer.