The best rental cars offers for entrepreneurs – Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest, Romania

The rental cars services have became an instrument which proves to be pretty useful and popular among entrepreneurs.  Being often considered more advantageous and more flexible than a leasing contract, the service is taken into consideration more and more often by those who need an extra car for their business.

The most convenient offers for entrepreneurs

Many of the entrepreneurs who choose a rent a car service in Bucharest from Promotor Bucharest Car Rental company want spacious cars, to use them when they need to transport a large number of persons or things. For this reason, Dacia Logan MCV, Dacia Lodgy and Opel Zafira with seven seats are among the most rented types.

Also, for renting a cheap car on a short term, Dacia Logan MCV is one the cars which in this period has a discount of 35%. On the other hand, in case you made a contract on a period of more than 60 days, the price can get to even 17 euros a day, and for a period of over a year, the price drops up to 15 euros.

Business class cars for rent

Another category of entrepreneurs is represented by those who rent business class cars, which can have a certain prestige and respect in the context of business meetings. The options are various in this case, and most of the times, the prices drop considerably while the renting period increases for this type of the cars too.

The advantages of renting cars for businesses

Among the advantages that renting a car in Bucharest from Promotor Otopeni Rent a Car brings there is also the fact that the price includes all the taxes, from the annual tax of the car, to the RCA insurance, full Casco insurance and the road tax. Also, Promotor Rent a Car deals with all the periodic repairs, revisions and the car’s maintenance.

Moreover, in case of an accident, the company offers a car in exchange, in maximum 24 hours, so the incident won’t affect your activity. All the cars are new, and in addition, for rental periods of over 2 years, Promotor Rent a Car also offers cars with 0 kilometres.

All these make the total price of the rental to be oftenly smaller than the one of a leasing contract. This is the main reason why more and more entrepreneurs have started to prefer a rent a car service instead of a car bought with multiple payments. We therefore invite you to visit Promotor Rent a Car company’s website, for more details about our services.