Prom Party bus

How to play at the party? We are playing an unprecedented “bus party” that has never been seen before! The new way of experiencing will surely start your mind.

If you mention the bus, if you can only think of the crowds of people rushing in and out of city life and the cries of automatic punchers, it would be too unimaginative. To change the closed and depressing texture of the indoor party, we are pursuing: infinite curiosity!

Nowadays, various novel theme parties have also extended from star circles to the lives of ordinary people. The noisy dance floor and the gorgeous KTV are no longer able to attract people’s attention. Then the “Prom bus party NJ ” came into being. It broke the stereotyped expectation of ordinary people.

The small space of the party bus brings together many party elements: refreshing beer, delicious food, strong rhythm of music, romantic fluorescence, and bright lights with a futuristic look. Every party element stimulates the release of hormones.

Graduation celebrations for college students, bachelor parties before new couples get married, anniversary celebrations for young couples, or Friday parties that are common on weekdays, any special celebrations can all rent a red double-decker bus. There are British style children! Although the bus can be of other colors, there is red to be authentic!

A bus party can be a temptation to release hormones!

In addition to experiencing the British style, party buses can also be “single-strikers.”

As a single Wang, worried about the “communication circle is too narrow”? A single party for a bus party will be a great opportunity for you to meet the “laurel goddess”. The cool big bus, the interior of the bus is a must-have fashion modern element that bombards every visual cell!

The modern and stylish decoration in the busses presents a charming atmosphere. The crowd can find their own other ribs in a lively and joyful atmosphere. The journey is full of crimson moustaches. She quickly completed the transformation of singles and succeeded in eating dog food.

How do bus parties play? First of all, you want to have…

The essential element of a bus party is of course the bus. People can call a dedicated car rental company to make a bus booking. The company will provide different models based on the number of people.

From the earliest models of the 1950s to the relatively new two-story convertible top models, some have their own CDs, digital players, and audio equipment, while others offer in-car arrangements. Most companies provide more than ten items. You can choose from a variety of models. However, you do not need to worry about “choosing phobia.” In general, you just need to report the needs to the car rental company. They will help you choose.

Each party car looks very much like an ordinary bus in the city. The difference is that walking inside is very different. The party bus will condense the entire parcel’s parish area in the car warehouse, bartending station, LCD TV, and air conditioning.

Some bus seats will also be converted into leather sofas, making people feel the luxury of lengthening the Lincoln car. The large glass windows of the Prom party bus NJ allow people to enjoy the night view of the city on the road at any time during the party.

On the double-decker bus, the second floor is often an open-air restaurant, where there is a starry sky and people can enjoy the food while enjoying the scenery.

Regarding whether you choose the convertible version or the traditional closed version, first and foremost depends on the weather and time. You may wish to sit on the open second floor and admire the beautiful scenery while enjoying the envious eyes of passers-by. .

Music and wine are also indispensable

Music: Although the record players and speakers in the car are “mobile jobs”, the sound effects here are not bad. When you open loudly, you will be able to withstand the shock of sitting on the speaker. It’s best to find your own car with audio equipment. You can play upstairs and downstairs simultaneously. In addition, some buses may not be able to insert mobile phones directly, but they can only play CDs or use 3.5-6.5 patch cords to output audio. Remember to ask the car rental company in advance to make sure everything is ready.

Wine: There are more to pay attention here. First of all, be sure to say hello to the car rental company, explain the purpose of this car rental, and they will tell you about the requirements of alcoholic beverages. Different companies also have different requirements. Some companies only allow bringing champagne. Some companies do not allow glass bottles and glasses. It is necessary to put wine into plastic bottles beforehand, and also to buy disposable plastics. Cup, there may be worried about dirty cars, directly inform the car with drinks cannot bring too heavy colors, do you want everyone to drink vodka to Sprite drink High? In short, it is better to consult the car rental company first.

The theme of the party now is not just a tradition of singing and dancing. In general, car rental companies offer the following topics:

Of course, more topics are waiting for you to play!

The old driver waited for me, the bus party came to me!

Ordinary party bus rental costs are not high. They are similar to those of night clubs and clubs. They can enjoy a whole night’s service at cheap prices.

The number of passengers per vehicle is 50 people +, but to tell the truth, 50 people are referring to the situation where everyone is sitting, but there is music who will always sit and ah, visually measuring 30 people is the most appropriate number, the lower level as the party main venue, The top floor can be used as a seating area.