Using a dealer for after market semi truck parts

Finding after market body parts for a semi truck can be a difficult search for some truck owners. Part of the reason is sheer numbers. Unlike cars and small trucks, in which tens of millions are manufactured annually, the number of large, 18 wheel trucks built each year is around 250,000. Thus, the available pool for after market parts is a fraction of the car market.

In addition to a smaller pool of resources, large trucks are a capital asset, a means of income and a means of production. The average truck owner, whether an owner/operator or a trucking company, cannot afford to allow the truck to remain in a repair lot waiting for a replacement part.

When truck drivers suffer body damage to a rig and are seeking lower cost body parts, all available resources must sometimes be used to find what is needed to repair the vehicle and have it back on the road, doing its job. Unfortunately, most drivers and owners are occupied with other matters to scour all resources available.

This is where a reputable and trusted parts dealer can be a valuable asset for the body part search. Many will seek a dealer who has been in business for years and has built a reputation for reliability, fair prices and prompt delivery. Experience can be a key to success in this area, as the experienced dealer will have a chain of suppliers developed over the years with a proven track record for reliability. Those suppliers who have shown to be unreliable have been weeded out by past experience.

Because the part seeker in this industry is, on whole a little more knowledgeable than the average car owner, he or she will know the name, model number and type of replacement part needed. A detailed and easy to navigate website can come in handy. If the person is seeking Kenworth t600 parts, for example, the site will usually have a specific portion of the site dedicated to that make and model number.

It will then display all body parts available. Often, purchases can be made directly via the website. The dealer will then have the order placed automatically with an appropriate supplier. For custom orders and questions, orders are usually made over the phone. With a reputable dealer, the truck driver or owner spends the least time waiting and gets back on the road as soon as possible.