Troubleshooting Car Electrical Problems

Modern cars have electrical systems which have made driving a lot easier. In the midst of this invention, problems can arise with the electrical system. With the possibility of cars developing electric faults, it is necessary that every car owner should be conversant with solving car electrical problems.

These are eight possible car electrical problems that you should be able to detect on your own.


A battery doesn’t need to give a sign before they develop an issue. When a car doesn’t start or it clicks at each ignition, possibilities tilts that the problem could be from the battery. Turn off the engine and run a check on the battery using a voltmeter. If the reading on the voltmeter is below 10V, then the problem is from the battery. It is time to recharge or change it.


If there is a dimming of headlights, it could be a sign that an alternator is about to fail. Test the alternator using a voltmeter. If the voltage is too low, this means it’s time to replace the alternator with a new one.

Burning Smell

This can be a cue that the temperature of some electrical circuit of your car is getting above normal. If you driving and smell this, just pull over and inspect what could be the problem. Ignoring this issue could lead to the burning of your car.

Lighting System and Horn Not Functioning

At times, you may discover that the lighting system and horn of your car is not functioning. This is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted as they may be a saving grace while driving at night, in rain, or in fog. These problems may even be connected to a blown fuse in the car. This is very easy to fix by replacing the exploded fuse.

Noisy Engine

Your car engine needs spark plugs to get the appropriate amount of electrical charge to promote full combustion of fuel in the cylinder. If the spark plugs aren’t getting the required electricity, they will lead to a sputtering engine. Also make sure that the spark plugs are well tightened.

Problematic Switch

Faulty switch at every position should be tested to see if it has failed totally. Some switches built in a car have break-in circuits. Visit the manual to ascertain.

Engine difficult to crank

An engine of a car may find it hard to crank because the spark plug isn’t receiving enough electricity. Check if the spark plugs are well tightened to allow a flow of current to the engine.

Ignition Faulty

With an inability to turn the key in the ignition hole, you should visit a car mechanic to help you fix the problem.

These are the common car problems that you can identify and seek for the proper solutions. No electrical problem should be overlooked be it minor or complex. Ensure that you fix them as soon as they are noticed. If you don’t think you can fix the issues, the best thing is to call on a professional to help check out the problem with the electrical system of your car.


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