SYNC Emergency Assistance Features in Ford Cars

To keep the riders of Ford vehicles in good shape and out of danger, Ford has written a new definition to car safety features.

The SYNC Emergency Assistance is a software feature that is specially crafted to assist the car dwellers to get in touch with relevant help services. The software is used on the vehicle owner’s Bluetooth that is paired and connected with a mobile phone. The software makes it easier to dial the emergency number 112 whenever there is any incidence of vehicle crash or when the fuel pump shuts-off due to a rear collision. It is done through the deployment of an airbag.

How it works

The Emergency Assistance as explained by the Marion Ford dealer is made to automatically use the paired phone to make an instant call to the emergency service operators, if a collision causes the fuel pump to shut-off or the airbags get activated.

The call includes the caller’s location details and remains on so that anybody inside the vehicle or present at that spot can hear and speak to the rescuers.

To make sure that unnecessary calls is not made to the emergency services by chance, SYNC emergency assistance has made it a principle to ask before making the call.

Emergency Assistance gets initiated if there is an activation of the airbag or if the fuel pump shuts down in any case which generally happens as a result of a rear collision.

The Purpose

This SYNC Emergency Assistance is an in-car technology which is crafted to serve the following purposes:

  • Providing emergency service providers, the information, that some vehicle crash has taken place and with the help of their GPS location, making it possible to trace the car occupants as soon as possible.
  • Enabling people present or involved with the accident to speak directly with the emergency service providers.
  • Helping the drivers to get on-the-spot assistance whenever such situations arise.
  • Making the entire process of calling, communicating, searching and helping as swift and smooth as possible.

The Benefits:

A road accident is one of the worst nightmares for all. The loss and damage it can cause is immeasurable. But technology is born to help people in distress. Here too, the SYNC emergency assistance is made to address this issue with utmost care with an aim to minimize the amount of loss that a road accident causes.

Here are the obvious benefits of using this feature:

  1. Emergency Assistance works on simple terms. To ensure its ease of use, after its initial set-up, the driver’s mobile phone gets automatically connected with the SYNC every time while entering the vehicle.
  2. To save each precious second, SYNC arranges to connect the vehicle occupants directly to the emergency number 112.
  3. The SYNC technology makes arrangement so that the victims of the accident to Call the emergency services and have a direct verbal communication to inform about the crash event along with the vehicle’s GPS information to ease out the rescue process.
  4. The SYNC Emergency Assistance comes as a complimentary benefit for the entire life of the vehicle, even if it is now with the secondary owners. It doesn’t require any subscription, contract or monthly fees to keep the feature activated.

Know more about SYNC Emergency Assistance from the Marion Ford dealership.

The Verdict

To sum up, an in-car technology like SYNC is the need of the hour. It is not a luxury of benefit, but the basic requirement addressed by Ford. It is a commendable step taken which should be followed by the rest of automobile brands without any delay.