How Portable Power is Changing the Aircraft Industry

The advantages of being able to harness energy whenever and wherever is one of the biggest advancements in recent years and a portable power supply has become an ideal option for aircraft cockpits. With this option, powering up aircraft systems and GPS programming is simplified as it bypasses the aircraft battery which conserves energy for starting the engine.

There have also been several companies that have begun to upgrade to the latest version of the helicopter starting unit in order to have access to the latest weapons and integrated avionics. There are a host of other benefits to the latest systems, including cognitive decision assistance, reduced support and operating costs, improved survivability, and overall enhanced performance. These units have been ordered by the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and other defense forces internationally.

The more efficient ground power units are, the easier it is to supply power from the generator to the aircraft. Support from the ground is an integral part of maintaining excellent operations, making the equipment an integral component of service between flights. From aircraft mobility, cargo loading operations, and ground power operations, all must work in tandem to ensure a smooth transition from the ground to the aircraft. Start Pac provides excellent ground power units that are not only state-of-the-art, but have been manufactured to produce the best results that have been tried and tested for maximum efficiency. The brand continues to lead the field with the latest airplane power sources in the industry.