How Mazda Uses Rotary Engine Technology in its Sports Cars

In 2015 at the Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda has launched their new concept sports car that runs on rotary engine, named ‘RX-vision’. It has been an exemplary vehicle that has showcased the innovative idea of Mazda as a pioneer in using unconventional technology in automotive engineering and taking ahead the story of revolutions.

The Sports Car RX-vision from Mazda as informed by the Ontario Mazda dealer is crafted on the power of a next-generation ‘SKYACTIV-R’ rotary engine, that made the model stand out from the rest of its class.

How the Combination Works

With a proportionate front engine, the rear wheel drive model concept sports car be considered as a perfect representation of a visionary future of the vehicles that are going to be launched by Mazda. The concept of the rotary engine is unique in the sense that it is able to generate enough power with the help of the rotational motions of those triangular rotors, which is quite unlike the traditional reciprocating pistons found in the regular automotive engines we were experiencing so far. This new concept sports car running on rotary motor has successfully overcome several technical difficulties, and as a result Mazda has succeeded in commercializing their concept of rotary power, in numerous models.

Connected to SKYACTIV-R

Mazda specifically chose the ‘SKYACTIV-R’ label to promote their most recent rotary engine in order to establish their trust on empowering rotary engine. It is a widely known fact that Mazda engineers has always experimented with rotary and tried to make the most out of it in various ways among which combining it with hydrogen-propulsion systems was a prominent one. In every sense Mazda tried their best to bring back their preference on rotary engines especially for their new sports car lineups.  Mazda claims that the result would be an extremely environment friendly engine that would reduce the pollutant emissions.

Utility Value

With the determination of continuing with the use of unconventional technology Mazda wanted to cater their customers with the uncompromising driving experience along with an array of benefits of rotary engine as mentioned below:

  • The rotary engine is compact in size and shape,
  • Ideal for working as a generator
  • Good for the purpose of electrification.

As told to us by the Mazda dealer Ontario dealer, the rotary engine could be ideally used as a generator to produce electricity, Mazda could employ lots of utility that could work on using the rotary engine. This included it to be a part of the propulsion system that is required for the e-Palette autonomous vehicle and the same can be tried on the sports car as well.

The Future Plan

In 2020, Mazda will launch their EV model in which the rotary could be used mostly as an electricity generator packed with a new RX in combination with a rotary-hydrogen powertrain. This new highly profitable and “fiercely” independent vehicle would be perfectly in tune with its aesthetically bold style. As for Mazda, there could be no better way to establish their endeavor in creating a unique combination of powertrain technologies.