Five Stunning Features of Genesis G90 Luxury Sedan

To add up to the luxury features in the automobile industry, Hyundai has introduced its latest Luxury Sedan model named Genesis G90. One can say that the earlier model G80 as a luxury sedan has got a makeover with the G90 that can be labelled comfortably as a new car that has too many impressive sides to show.

Here are the five stunning features that the 2017 Genesis G90 can boast about and prove itself to be a true luxury sedan:

  1. Top-Notch Interiors

When it comes to luxury in a car, we automatically dream about a luxurious coach with soft and plush seating arrangements that needs no struggle to adjust oneself but relax through the journey even for more than couple of hours. Starting with the metal finish of every switch and button to the wood and leather quality of the components, comfort is dripping from every corner of the car.

According to the Washington Township Genesis dealer, Genesis G90 left no stone unturned to make its interiors be labelled as a “dream come true”.

  1. Powerful Powertrain

To pump in more flexibility to the vehicle, the G90 model comes with two powertrain options: one with a 365-horsepower, with twin-turbocharged and a 3.3-liter V-6 and the other one is a 420-horsepower, with 5-liter V-8. Both are clubbed with an eight-speed automatic transmission along with options like rear or all-wheel drive.

Both the options give amazingly quick response, with buttery smooth operations, without making any disturbing noise.

  1. Keeping the Driver Alert

G90 made it a point to standardize the alert system with every driver assisting feature like blind spot warning, autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist and automatic cruise control. Other features include a pair of bi-xenon headlights, 22-way power front seats and a 17-speaker Lexicon premium audio system.

  1. Lots of rear passenger room

The new G90 confirms the relation of space to that of luxury with incredible space allotted to each passenger with highly elevated backseat features. The Genesis dealer serving Washington Township showed the rear legroom which has a whopping 37.8 inches, and in which the rear compartment is equipped with duplicate controls for every entertainment feature, climate control and many more.

  1. Value for Money

What makes G90 most stunning is the price aspect that has considered the maximum value for money. Priced more like mid-sized luxury cars, it has thrown a challenge to its competitor automakers by offering a size that equals their full-size luxury cars.

The Genesis G90 is a rear-wheel-drive of 3.3T that starts at a price of $69,050, that has included the destination fee with fully loaded latest features running on the wheels that run on a powerful engine and proved its performance level way beyond expectation. The G90 trim from Genesis finally has proved itself to be rightly called as a Luxury Sedan that can never be counted among the ordinary ones with the exceptional luxury experience it promises to provide at such a reasonable price.