A Look at the Audi TT RS and TT RS-R

Arguably, Audi has been renowned for an equal balance of excellent performance and fashionable interior since the very beginning of its dedication to manufacturing luxury vehicles. But has Audi taken automotive technology and performance to an entire new level with the TT RS and RS-R?

What’s the Audi TT RS like?

“Audi’s TT RS combines elegant appearances with unbeatable performance to the highest of standards and with ABT making sure Audi’s sports car leaves enthusiasts with a lasting impression, it’s sure to become even more popular with everyday motorists too”, Adrian Howells of Trade Price Cars. “In fact, the ABT TT RS has been fitted with a carbon fibre rear-skirt set and a stainless-steel exhaust system that takes the current entertaining sound to an entire new level.” We won’t forget to mention that, to make sure the 2018 TT RS offers a suitable driving experience for all motorists, ABT fitted it with suspension springs and sports stabilizers on the front and rear axle.

Is It Expensive?

Let’s just say that it’s not exactly cheap. Any standard Audi is bound to be expensive, but since this one is considered the ultimate facelift of the original TT, its towering sale price is understandable to say the very least. In fact, if you don’t like the sound of splashing out on £52,365 for a car, then perhaps you’d prefer to opt for something a little less classy and powerful – just keep in mind that if that’s the case, it probably won’t be an Audi you’re cruising around in.


And What about the TT RS-R?

Of course, everyone predicted that ABT would create a limited-edition version of the TT RS, otherwise known as the TT RS-R – and frankly, it has proven to be one of the best ideas for Audi’s fleet since the very first TT was brought to the market. Although, since the TT RS-R is a limited-edition – or as they say, one-of-a-kind in many respects – Audi has stuck to manufacturing only 50 models worldwide. That aside, the fact that there is only 50 of these sports cars on the market makes driving one a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Nevertheless, the sports car features an entire range of both exterior and interior facelifts, including 20-inch glossy black ABT SPORT GR wheels and might we say that it certainly is a car worth flaunting around the streets.

Which Should I Go For?

Discovering which of the two –  the Audi TT RS or the TT RS-R – is the right model for you isn’t for anybody other than yourself to do and since both models have very different levels of performance, style and structure, you should consider everything you want and need from either one of them and then decide which one the two offers just that. After all, there’s not much point in investing so much money into a car that isn’t capable of moulding to your day-to-day life on the road.