Michigan the Automotive State: Your Buying Guide to Used Autos

Are you thinking of buying a used car? Then read our advice and you can sleep on both ears.

Is the price in line with the market?

Check if the price asked by the seller is correct. You will be able to consult for it various car blogs, magazines or specialized Internet sites. You can find cars for sale near me. If you buy a car from an individual, ask to see the original purchase invoice. In particular, take into account, in the evaluation of the price, the possible damage to the bodywork, the state of the interior and the mileage. Also make sure that there are no signs of rust on the doors or muffler. Are the doors all still closing properly?

Who do you buy from?

​You can buy a car from a professional or an individual. The professional will probably ask for a higher price, but he will also have to give you a guarantee of at least a year. Make sure he is a reliable seller. If he is an individual, ask for his identity card to make sure he is the owner of the car.

Take a test drive

​Always try it on the road, no matter who you buy from. Drive at least several kilometers. In this case, test the brakes and try all the speeds. Get yourself accompanied by someone who knows something about mechanics. She can also take a look under the hood.

Are the vehicle’s documents present?

Check the following documents:

  • the maintenance book,
  • the registration certificate ,
  • the technical inspection certificate: this must be accompanied by a certificate of technical inspection not more than two years old,
  • the Car-Pass : this mandatory official document will give you the certainty that the mileage of the car is correct,
  • the certificate of conformity ,
  • The second-hand report: this document describes the state of the car during the last check.

Attention, you will need, for all these documents, originals. A copy will not be enough. Also check that the chassis number of the car matches the number indicated on the documents.

Read the sales agreement carefully before signing

​Take the time to calmly read the sales contract.

  • You buy from an individual:
    You will not pay VAT. Use a standard document for the sales contract as you will find several on the internet. If both parties agree, plan a signed copy for you and the seller.
  • You buy from a professional:
    You will then receive an invoice and pay VAT on the purchase amount.

Ask the seller all the key sets of the car.