5 Car Safety Tips Every Driver Should Know

Admit it. Everyone knows there is always a risk when it comes to driving and riding a vehicle. There will be times when a driver takes car safety for granted by the driver. There will be factors that we have no control over like accidents. However, a responsible car owner knows that driving is something he has control over and will use that advantage to make sure he can avoid any untoward incidents while on the move.

These are five car safety tips every driver should know.

Keep it well-maintained and have it regularly checked by a professional.

Prevent future car issues by getting yourself an auto mechanic in Houston that is trustworthy, ASE Certified and had a proven track record. Establish a schedule that works for you and use that to have your car checked, repaired or maintained by professional who knows what to do and how to do it right.

Never drink and drive.

One of the most numbers of accidents that involve injuries and deaths are those that require drunk drivers. Drinking alcoholic beverages can affect your vision, slow down your reaction time, hand, foot, and eye coordination and can affect your decisions which is why the law is imposing strict measures again DUI or Drinking under the influence of alcohol.

If you can’t avoid drinking, it is better to hire a taxi cab or have a friend who is not drinking drive for you. It is also a good idea to take the keys of a friend who insists on driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Do not use a cellphone while driving.

When you text or call someone while driving, you are taking your attention away from the road to hold or even check on your phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re using any hands-free device. If you got caught up in a conversation or argument, it makes you lose concentration in driving. Even a single second where you lose focus can cause a grave incident you would never wish to happen.

If you need to answer a call or look at a text, it is best to pull over to safety first before doing checking on your mobile phone.

Obey safe refuelling rules.

Smoking is not only a health hazard but can also cause damage to your car. It is best not to smoke near your car’s battery or any fuel-filled components like the fuel lines, filter and tank and your carburettor when you’re in a gas station.

You should also remember to obey safe refuelling rules by not lighting up a lighter and not using a mobile phone as these can cause a static-caused fire.

Install car or booster seat correctly if you have a child or baby on board.

Safety should always be a driver’s priority, more so when little kids are involved. Make use of booster or car seats when you have small children as your passengers and secure them before driving to make sure they are safe in case an accident happens.